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Nightmare Thief, The: A Novel (2012)

by Meg Gardiner(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
1455875589 (ISBN13: 9781455875580)
Brilliance Audio
Jo Beckett
review 1: This book was incredibly fast-paced and would be an awesome way to blow through a few hours if you were stuck with an airport layover or something like that--the time will fly by before you realize it. So why only two stars? Because after I finished it, nothing about it stuck in my brain. The characters were generic, the villains were garden-variety psychos, and none of the plot twists really felt unexpected. The whole thing was just very...meh. Very action-packed, but not much substance. Also, thanks to a jacket blurb from Stephen King, I thought there would be a horror element involved, and there wasn't. In terms of readability, this was definitely exciting and I don't feel it was a waste of time; there's just nothing to distinguish it from any of dozens and dozens of ot... moreher cheap paperbacks on the shelf.
review 2: It was...okay. The story wasn't as thrilling as espoused on the cover (surprise!), the characters took too long to develop to where I might like them a bit, the secondary story with the alternate investigators took too much time away from the action and I was pretty disappointed. Maybe if I had read the Jo Beckett books before this one but given all the time we spent on Jo Beckett I kinda don't get the impression that she's developed as a character a lot in the previous ones. It also suffered from Professionalism that I find in most adult fiction - wherein the characters are SO PROFESSIONAL that NOTHING shakes them and they're capable of handling EVERYTHING EVER and yeah I just don't care. Why am I worried if the characters aren't scared? I'm not saying it was a terrible book, the last 100 pages were fairly okay and I liked the idea of The Bad Cowboy but the other badguys were one note and caricature like. I was not impressed. less
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Like the series... but this one light on the thinking and higher on the action.
A tight, romping ride - Jo Beckett at her sharpest.
big yawn and thumbs down all the way around...
Oh yes, pacey and gripping right to the end.
Loved it! Worth a read.
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