I cannot tell what it is, but there is something magical hidden in the past that that takes my breath away. I do not know whether it is all about the looks, the appearance or because of the way the people were dressed. This is probably the kind of feeling the touch of black and white colour gives us, it is a hint of how everything was back then.


However, some people might say that you feel close to certain decades because you lived in them before. Who knows? To be honest, I am not religious at all, although I might be a bit superstitious. But the thing that makes me uncertain about the fact, that there is nothing after death, is the feeling I get when I have a closer look at these kind of pictures. It feels so familiar to me. Some of these places give me the feeling like I have already been there. I do not need to find out about these places, these clothes or anything else to become accquainted with them. Even though most of the pictures do not show facial expressions they do give a specific statement. Body language often says more about a person than their facial expressions do.


Has a picture ever made you think that you have been in its location before? Even though you are sure that you have not? It is pretty similar to a well-known kind of memory malleability. A study from 2003 pointed out that we can implant entirely false memories. No matter if we use language or visual aids to achieve that. The study conducted by Elizabeth Lotfus called “Bugs Bunny in Disneyland” made the subjects claim that they have met Bugs Bunny in Disneyland once after she prepared advertisement even though he is not a Disney character at all.

Lotfus says that advertisement and especially pictures which appeal to and are pleasing to us will be more likely to be adopted into our memories.

Loftus says advertising people have focused for years on something called autobiographical memory. If an ad brings something out of our memory that is pleasing to us, maybe we’ll be more likely to take the bait.

Subjects stated that they had met Bugs Bunny in their childhood at Disneyland even though they have not even visited Disneyland at all. Perhaps it might be similar to Lotfus’ study. Maybe after looking at plenty of vintage pictures my mind wants to remember things I have never experienced in my life.

The way people have dressed in the 1930s and 1940s shows a culture way more different than today. People had to care about their outward appearance with regard to their image in society. Most of them had the honour to be part of a well-known family in their town. Some of them might had a lot of money to spend. No one knows any story behind a picture except for the person depicted by themself.

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