Arrow Review #91 – The Eternal War

The Eternal War by Alex Scarrow

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Series: TimeRiders, #4
Length: 448 Pages
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A time wave has struck that alters the entire history of the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln has followed Liam into the present from 1831and now the world is in a dangerous state of limbo…

If the TimeRiders can’t return Lincoln to the past, the Civil War will never end. Can Maddy persuade two colonels on either side of no man’s land to cease fire long enough to save the future?


This is the only series that I have to push myself to get the next book and continue. Now, I enjoy reading the series, but I always have this thought that says there is something else I can read, something better. These thoughts just want to make me stop and give up the series completely. However, I refuse to give up the series and I will finish it. I will finish all nine books of the series.

I have expressed many times that I worry for the series because I just don’t want it to be repetitive book after book. In each book, a different story involves another time period. Along with the time travel, it usually takes place within that certain time period. However, in this place, I am glad to say that Scarrow has finally shaken it up. It finally feels that Scarrow knows that it was time to make something different. Instead of the team being in a certain time period, the team was stuck in an alternate present day. That has really became an interesting take for the stories, and it was one that I really enjoyed.

The series are so darn good and for once, I am finally excited to read the next book (which will be in a while because I have a ton of other books to read…) which takes place in Rome! If I had to read anything involving history, it would either in Greece/Rome or Egypt (in which would totally have been cool for this series, but I guess not…). Now, onto the next time-traveling adventure!

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