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Zombie Fallout 6: 'Till Death Do Us Part (2012)

by Mark Tufo(Favorite Author)
4.46 of 5 Votes: 2
1480018341 (ISBN13: 9781480018341)
Zombie Fallout
review 1: I thought the other 5 books were a rollercoaster, I should have saved that word "rollercoaster" as now you've read my other reviews it doesn't quite sound as dramatic for what I need, how about "ROLLERCOASTER" now, that's better!Mike has managed to survive the fire...but how....is it a miracle...and he still brings us his fantastic sense of humor and much more. The Talbot clan are mourning his loss and believe he has gone, he has to make his way back to find them.No more flashbacks like book 5 oh except one but its vital to the plot.I was almost crying with laughter with the crazy conversation between Mike and John. This has to be one of the best writing and conversation rebounding Ive ever read. The quick come-backs, funny innuendos and hilarious conversation was just gen... moreius. Mark has created the forgetful John who will have you laughing outloud. From the hilarious cave to the helicopter, tinfoil hats, marihuana and animal lard with dose of Valium; just hilarious.Meanwhile the main group have been split up and are desperately trying to find each other; but Eliza has other ideas....of course! Each group are fighting to survive their own problems.We've watched them become stronger as a family unit and Book 6 brings all of this together for the final showdown. Deneaux doesn't disappoint showing more of her true colours again; can we get just 1 zombie to eat her...please! I think I hate her more than Eliza...OK..maybe not!This has to be THE next big film it would be incredible to watch these 6 books unfold as a film. From book 1 we have watched the Talbot clan develop into an incredible group of people that you really care about; with very different personalities we've all grown to love or hate (Deneaux). I feel I know them all so well so when there is a loss its real to us as the reader!Eliza enlists some evil help but Mike has found his own weapon or two...against her...will they work....This is the most incredible showdown with Eliza and Tommy and yet another cliffhanger what can I say...its a strange cliffhanger but its another brilliant one!If you haven't read any of Mark Tufos books go get book 1 now and start at the beginning...enjoy it like I have...go...on...you will not regret it.
review 2: First things first, there were some disappointments, but characters like John the Tripper saved the day :-) The supernatural part was way more over-the-top compared to ZF5 (direct action by Jehovah and the Adversary? In a zombie story?) , but luckily very much shorter as well. Also, the ending was very anticlimactic, you would have expected a 500 year old vampire to come up with some safeguards for her soul container. Basically, the story is resolved by he sheer stupidity of the aforementioned vampire. less
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I cried but I love anything Mark Tufo writes
The best one so far IMHO.
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