Book Review: Aunt Dimity Down Under

Aunt Dimity Down Under by Nancy Atherton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another delightful and lovely book in this series! This time Lori is on her way to New Zealand to find the long-lost brother of the Pym sisters, and naturally she is taking her stuffed bunny, Reginald, along with her, in addition to the journal through which her deceased Aunt Dimity communicates with Lori from the beyond.

Be sure to read this book with a map and Google nearby, because you will want to look up photos and maps of all the beautiful places that Lori visits in New Zealand! The way the writer describes the natural beauties of the mountains, oceans, and sweet little towns, makes you want to look it up. And it’s all real and true-to-life, right down to the massive carrot for the Carrot Festival in a little mountain town. (They really have a massive carrot! I looked up a picture of it!) Reading this book made me feel like I had visited New Zealand myself.

The plot was pretty straight-forward, but with many little details that made it fun and engaging. I still think it’s hilarious that Aunt Dimity is a ghost who talks to Lori through a journal. I still love Lori’s delightfully stubborn character, and her relationships with everyone in her little town. I love seeing Lori meet new people in every book, making friends and enemies, and being her own wild self.

This fluffy little read kept my attention, and I’m enjoying every book in this series, despite the fact that they aren’t great literature. The writing is good, clear, and funny! The characters are adorable and complex. I love it all!

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