Books I Will Probably Never Read Tag

Hello, hello, hello lovely readers! We’re catching up with some tags, so today we are doing the Books I Will Probably Never Read Tag. We were tagged to do this post by the ever-so-aweseome Kourtni over at Kourtni Reads and you can check out her answers to this tag in her post here! Go check it out now (and her whole blog while you’re at it). We’re fine. We’ll wait…

All done? Isn’t it pretty sweet? We just adore her posts and what about her sweet header image and cute tag line? We know, we know, we’re drooling a little. But we can’t help it when we see the pretty blog. You guys know how it goes.

Anyway, now that we are done fangirling over Kourtni’s blog, its time for us to jump into this tag! So, here we go!!

Disclaimer: these are all just our opinions, we know some of you will have read and loved these books! Let us know if you have, maybe you will convince us to pick them up and we could end up LOVING them just as much as you! You never know