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Receive Me Falling (2009)

by Erika Robuck(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 1
0982229801 (ISBN13: 9780982229804)
Elysian Fields Press
review 1: This book is 2 stories in one - one is set in present day - taking place in Annapolis, and the other is set in the Carribbean Island of Nevis in colonial times. (The author is local & it is fun to read the references to places we know in Annapolis!) The main character is Meghan who goes to the island after experiencing a family tragedy. It is interesting to see how the two stories are woven together and to learn some history during the years before slavery was abolished - from individuals' personal perspectives. There is a bit of everything in the book: mystery, developing characters, interesting relationships, sins of the past and how they effect the future, love, & art. As the first novel of a local author - it was a very entertaining & recommended ... moreread!
review 2: A wonderful book! There are two stories, one set in the present day, in which the central character visits an old house she inherited from her father located in the Caribbean. This classic gothic premise, reminiscent of a Victoria Holt novel, surprised and delighted with its well-researched and fascinating depiction of life on the plantation in the nineteenth century. The story never descends into melodrama, though it could easily have done so. Robuck also paints believable portraits of figures who might have come across as cliches, i.e. the cruel overseer. The reader becomes absorbed in this portrait of a woman's lot in this setting and time, and we feel their pain. This is Robuck's first novel, and it is most definitely a Good Read. less
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Great first book by this author. I am now a historical fiction lover!
The book was pretty good. It was written by a lady from Annapolis.
Interesting book. Would definitely recommend.
Love, love, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great read!
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