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De Dorpskapper Van Amour (2007)

by Julia Stuart(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
9032511068 (ISBN13: 9789032511067)
De Kern
review 1: This is a engaging little love story. It fits the stereotype of a French village full of odd people obsessed with food and gossip. The middle-aged hero suddenly decides to completely change is his rather staid life by becoming a dating agency for the village - and entertains us with this failures and successes.However my favourite bits the ongoing picnic battle with his friend over who has the most wonderful food, and the Comptesse who tries to scrub her castle clean.Very good
review 2: It's interesting to see how divided the reviews are. I agree with both the favorable and unfavorable reviews. The comedic tone is great. Most situations are outlandish and very funny. The details that make the caricatures of the villagers are so creative. I even liked th
... moree repetition .....to a point. Then, it got tedious, especially the reporting of food. Thank goodness, Mrs. Stuart gave us a happy ending. I'm curious if anyone sees a similarity to plays of Moliere. The rambunctious goings and comings of the villagers reminds me of a Moliere play I saw. I wonder if this genre was a conscious choice. I would have rated it higher if she had moderated the repetition some and shortened the book a little. less
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Simply fun. Lots of details so be prepared. But the plot is cute! Excellent summer reading.
as w/her others, I liked the wacky characters - sweet little story
A funny, warm, and satisfying read.
Very amusing and enjoyable
Fluffy and sweet.
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