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Filthy 3 (2000)

by Megan D. Martin(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: There is an amazing writer here. Her story continues in this Novella and is just as intense as the one before this. The story is well written and very captivating. I would refer this as a good read... But....(there's always a but )These books are currently being produce in a series. Thus type of marketing may backfire on this writer. Fortunately, the first two books were free, but I will not pay more then 3-5 before I refuse to currently support this series any longer. This marketing tactic has started to become a very vocal argument among readers. It just may become a very negative mark against purchasing books in the future. It seems that a lot more readers are voicing their annoyance with the incomplete stories that come out at 2.99 and tend to go beyond the point the s... moretory should have ended. I am as well disliking this marketing strategy, which now has replaced the review about the story to one about the author.Otherwise, the story is riveting and very well written, capturing the very real emotion and behaviors of her characters.
review 2: 5 stars!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!OMG! that was great!!!I didn't feel disgusted towards Faye because she was getting effed by her 'Daddy'. The novella was packed, still interesting and exciting! It's actually rare to find novels nowadays that is interesting and exciting at the same time. The story was short and yet it never failed to impress me. It has been awhile since I've read about a character who wanted to kill themselves... so I love it!!!Please don't let us wait too long and release book 5 & 6!!!! and Please make the last book longer! less
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Dark yet compulsive reading but by no stretch of the imagination erotic.
was better than the first two but still not my favorite
Noooooooo.....you cannot leave it hanging there!!!!!
too damn short
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