Lights Out – Jason Starr

Lights Out is a beautiful thriller which Starr has delivered by moulding the whole story around three absolutely vivid characters Ryan , Jake and Christina . Normally a book  has a protagonist around which all the major events occur , but this masterpiece turns out to be an exception . Though the beginning few chapters seem to subject Ryan as the protagonist but then the plot turns and dives into the different shades of grey. No more was the storytelling linear , it was in fact pretty fancy .

The book deals with dark aspects like drugs, jealousy and fame. These dark aspects are moulded to deliver an absolute stunning mystery.

Throughout the plot , Starr kept on stressing upon the fact that no human is perfect and one must accept themselves with all the good and bad qualities and habits that they possess . The plot is pretty realistic and makes the reader scratch their heads on several occasions , but then the end completes all the circles and solves the mysteries .

There are several parallel stories that run throughout the main plot which adds a nice bit of flavour to the monotonous plot , also the readers are initially confused with two stories going on . But the middle of the main plot is a beautiful blend of the two stories which then takes a topsy turvey rollercoaster to bring us to the end .There are several scenes which are shown with respect to different characters which is a pretty unique style of writing. Moreover the internal monologs of characters lets us into insights of these characters and how they face the situation that stands against them.

The main plot is based in Brooklyn , New York where Starr lived for a pretty long time in his life . The detailing of each and every location and the dressing of each characters helps the reader in grasping the absolute realistic picture of Brooklyn and other Eastern parts of New York . Thriller books are often acknowledged for giving an absolute realistic detailing about the surrounding and this one is no different .

The blend of the gangster culture was also a pivotal aspect because that made the readers to feel the real Brooklyn with the involvement of several gangs . Moreover the constant pop culture and sport references puts this one into those trendy book of the  States.

The conclusion of the story keeps the readers in a pretty shock because it was not as high as it was suppose to go . To a few readers it may seem like an abrupt ending or even an ending which is left to the imagination of the readers . This may also justify that the book is pretty realistic because not always there is a happy ending .

In all it was beautiful 300 pages of story telling. The writer was able to keep grasp of the readers and make them turn each page with a great amount of excitement.

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