Danger Next Door by Katie Reus

Miami detective Grant Caldwell’s days are full recuperating and remembering how six months ago he lost his focus on a drug bust by saving a small child and getting caught in explosion that left him with burn scars and a pin in his knee. Just as his daily pity party was getting in full swing it was interrupted by his new, very attractive neighbor, Belle Manika, calling out for help.

Rescuing Belle was no problem but Grant felt self-conscious about his obvious scarring. As a nurse Belle wasn’t put off by the scars and found herself flirting with Grant. She explained away her earlier trouble but he was wary. Overnight Grant saw a burglar breaking into Belle’s but couldn’t catch him. When it seemed Belle may have a stalker, Grant’s protective instinct went into overdrive.

The likeable leads in this fast paced short had good chemistry and fitting roles. As a man defined by his job, Grant’s insecurity was on target and gave a good entry to joining the family business. Belle’s profession and experience logically had her looking past the scars to see the man beyond. While the suspense piece was good the insta-love was fast even for a short or soup!

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