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Rotten To The Core (2009)

by Sheila Connolly(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 3
0425228762 (ISBN13: 9780425228760)
review 1: I read this on my flight to Boston a week or so ago. I like the main character, Meg Corey, and love Seth Chapin! Some heroines of mysteries start to bug me after a time, but so far, Meg is staying likeable. Interesting mystery, although I was practically shouting at the book (silently since I was on a plane full of people) who the murderer was, even though technically she wasn't. I just began #3 and am delighted to find Meg did NOT stumble over this latest corpse. I enjoy all the information about organic farming and locavore since I'm trying to do some of the same in my small way.
review 2: This book was just okay. I thought the killer was obvious as soon as she was introduced in to the story. This dragged a bit as well. Hopefully the next one will pick b
... moreack up! I also disliked how when they were discussing migrant workers, Seth scoffed at teh idea that locals would want those jobs, yet later revealed that he worked as an apple picker as a kid. Exactly! Before the invasion, those jobs went to students, the unemployed and minorities...alll groups who are suffering from severe unemployment and could probably use those jobs today. less
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another good read in this series. enjoy the characters and the setting. kept me guessing.
Interesting and learned more about apples. Great apple crisp recipe too
As good as the museum series, perhaps better.
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