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Red Run (2010)

by Rob Cornell(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 1
Paradox Publications
review 1: I have enjoyed Rob Cornell's Lockman series, so I decided to explore some of his other works. Red Run was a different style than the Lockman books, more of a murder mystery set in Detroit where Ethan's (the main character) daughter Alison is found murdered, evidence points to his son Graham, and what Ethan is willing to do to save his son. I liked the overall direction of the story and it did not turn out as I had expected, making it an enjoyable read. There were some holes in it and questions unanswered, but not enough to keep me fromCornell's other works.
review 2: A story that exists mainly in the seedy underbelly of society, and deals with struggling to escape your past. The main character, Ethan, is awoken one night to find that his troublesome 15 year
... moreold daughter Ali has been found dead in a nearby river. Not long after, his son Graham is revealed to be the primary suspect, but before the police can lock him up and head toward a trial, Ethan takes off with his son, running from the law. With the aid of his current girlfriend Sadie, Ethan runs away from the comfortable, middle-class life he has created and back to the unseemly, illegal life of crime he grew up in. He enlists the help of his junkie ex-wife Rain, the mother of both of Ethan's children, and her unhinged, dangerous brother Lazaro, to keep Graham off the grid while he searches for answers that are closer than he realizes. less
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Awful story but good writing. Didn't like all the colorful language.
Somewhat predictable. Overall it was a quick read but was just okay.
Good story. I liked how the story worked itself out.
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