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Sweet Tooth, Vol. 4: Endangered Species (2012)

by Jeff Lemire(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 2
1401233619 (ISBN13: 9781401233617)
review 1: Another great entry. The story is grand without being ridiculous. It's amazing because the story over all is pretty simple. A plague hits, hybrid children are born, a boy and a man are on a quest for answers and redemption.Jepperd is an archetype of the old warrior. He's seen some shit. He's forgotten his humanity a time or two, but right now he's fighting for it. Fighting is one of the only things he knows, so when he stops fighting for the few moments of this book it's touching.The Dam is a nice mystery that helps keep the story moving. I'll be interested to see Walter Fish's story.
review 2: I have to say, aside from the charming opening chapter (which thankfully didn't go all Dawn of the Dead on us), this has slipped back in my estimation. Comparisons with
... more The Walking Dead are cropping up in my mind and the introduction of a new situation (albeit a very cool location) and character who may or may not be up to something (it's not divulged in this volume) doesn't help. I'll see it through but it's not been living up to the expectation. less
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I can't wait to get my hands on the 5th volume after reading this.
Volume 4 was better than 3 for sure! It's getting good! :)
So awesome I really love this series!
4.5 stars
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