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Lonestar Angel (2011)

by Colleen Coble(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 4
1595542698 (ISBN13: 9781595542694)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
review 1: This book (and series) showed the perseverance through heartache.That being said there were a lot of inconsistencies that were lost in being caught up in the drama and action. There were so many things thrown into these books that they seems like a bad Lifetime movie. at times. The action, intrigue and drama were great and I think that's why I didn't notice most of it. I would recommend reading this series.
review 2: Listened to Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble. This book is about. Old flings and a broken marriage. All with the help of God and faith this book can out ok. Eden's hope is rekindled when Clay delivers astounding news their daughter has been found. Five years ago Eden and Clay Larson?s baby was stolen and never found. Eden blamed herself, Clay lost
... more himself in work. Their young and rocky marriage ended. Or so Eden thought. Now Edens moved to a new town. Shes found faith and is trying to rebuild her life. Shes even dating again?a sweet guy who plans to marry her someday. But then Clay arrives out of the blue and delivers shocking news: they?re still married. What?s more, Clay has been searching for Brianna all this time. And he believes hes found her: their daughter is in Bluebird, Texas, at a youth ranch. To uncover the truth, Eden and Clay sign on as counselors at Bluebird Ranch. Working together, they rediscover their love for each other. But danger is closing in Eden, Clay, and their young charges are in jeopardy. As they fight to save their family, Eden realizes that God has been fighting for them all along. And His plans I give it 3 stars and a 6. A lot of drama. less
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Plot has a lot of missing timeline and areas that are just dropped without conclusion.
I always enjoy Colleen Cobles' books. I like the touch of mystery and romance.
Actually cried at the end. It was so good!
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