Day 3: Everybody was Tofu Fighting

My Stupid Plan

I got up earlier than usual today.  I decided to take my walk/jog.  The second I stepped out of the door, I was greeted by the cold.  I know you Northies are like “I know you aren’t complaining about the cold”.  Yes, yes I am.  I decided to go on my walk anyway.  I came up with this “genius” plan.  I will not take my regular route but go to the other side of the trail where the river is partly blocked by trees.  My theory was that I would have some sort of barrier against the wind blowing off the river.  As you have probably guessed I was dead wrong.  I.WAS.FREEZING!!!!  Then I did not have gloves so my thumbs were cold to the point of pain.  But, I completed my morning exercise by some miracle.

The Tofu-shaped Elephant in the Room

For breakfast, I had a big bowl of granola and coconut milk. For lunch, I had my black bean sammies.  This time I added siracha instead of hot sauce.  It elevated the flavor once again.  Dinner will consist of vegetable soup with udon noodles.  Udon is by far my favorite noodle.

I decided that now was the time to try my hand at tofu. I have been avoiding tofu for a while.  I remember buying a brick of it and never trying it.  There is something a bit unappetizing about mushed soy curd made into a brick.  But, my Thug Kitchen book says that most people are too lazy to take the steps in making it appetizing.  After preparing it myself, I understand the laziness.  It is quite a bit of work.  But I managed to get the water out of it, make a marinade, cut it, and bake it.  Then I did the thing I dreaded the most, I tasted it. It was freaking delicious!  I am looking forward to having some on a salad for lunch tomorrow.

Today I learned that maybe tofu is like potato salad.  You don’t eat everyone’s potato salad. So perhaps you don’t eat everyone’s tofu.


*By the way, I have already lost three pounds.  So that’s something.

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