Deathwish – s/t

 No matter what your opinions are when it comes to death- and metalcore, it’s here to stay as it’s now a global thing that millions upon millions have tried to imitate like any style of any music. But it truly is the new and the unknown bands that help keep the flames going, and I think it’s important to keep investigating new acts. I haven’t checked out enough core recently so when I was encountered by Deathwish… why the fuck not? And what I found was no less than one word: promising.

The main reason why I’ve never gone too far into the world of core is simply that whenever I do I tend to find nothing that really interests me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy plenty acts that the genre has to offer yet too much of it feels… inorganic. As if the bands in question aren’t trying. Deathwish, though, feels like they’re actually putting effort into their craft and that results in the self-titled debut EP to leave an impact that’s not only intense but also intriguing. Granted, nothing Deathwish does here can really be defined as new or innovative as they take death metal, throw in some cleans to make it deathcore, and throw in just enough hooks into the mix to make it pleasantly melodic, but overall they accomplish more than what the random metalcore band does as they actually leave an impact. Too often does core have bands that just be loud, have some clean vocals, and call it a day there, but Deathwish actually constructs their music to have a pleasing structure that in the end works with the explosive nature of this debut. And even though Deathwish doesn’t do much to make themselves stand out, their commitment to actually crafting their deathcore results in a higher quality in the overall feel that can easily be the foundations for a tremendous increase in quality for the band’s future.

While I can’t sit here and say that Deathwish has blown me the fuck away and astounded me in ways I never saw coming, I have to admit that they’ve got my attention. The five tracks demonstrated on this debut show that they can do deathcore pretty fucking well, and I’d be more than keen to see this Belgian group improve greatly in the future.

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