Dec 2017 – Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan

Happy Holidays everyone!  We gathered at my home for our merry year end party of sorts! Our end of year book is usually a festive pick and this one hit the mark.   Festive, light and Christmasy all rolled into one.  Jenny Colgan is know for her ‘chick-lit’ genre.   Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe is actually a 3rd book to her first being Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe (#1) then came the #2 to that and finally our Dec book.

Issy Randall, proud owner of The Cupcake Cafe, is in love and couldn’t be happier. Her new business is thriving and she is surrounded by close friends, even if her cupcake colleagues Pearl and Caroline don’t seem quite as upbeat about the upcoming season of snow and merriment. But when her boyfriend Austin is scouted for a possible move to New York, Issy is forced to face up to the prospect of a long-distance romance. And when the Christmas rush at the cafe – with its increased demand for her delectable creations – begins to take its toll, Issy has to decide what she holds most dear.

This December, Issy will have to rely on all her reserves of courage, good nature and cinnamon, to make sure everyone has a merry Christmas, one way or another… (from

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Being the end of year soiree’ we also have a White Elephant Gift Exchange also known as Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap for our Northern friends.  This is always fun especially if there’s been a few glasses of wine had by this time AND there’s some gifts that begin to spark attention and WANT from fellow book club goers!  THEN…the stealing and giggling begins!  I personally like to give something I would want and hopefully will spark many gift steals!  My white elephant gift was a lovely pashmina wrap from the middle east and a pin to go with it.  I gained as my gift a cook book called Bacon and Bourbon that William was super happy to hold in his hands (and promptly put on HIS side of the bedside table) being that he’s the one who actually cooks in our household!  (William is my husband who sat in our meeting for the evening which turned out to be a lot of fun for us all).

I know December is a heavy social season and commitment for everyone — thanks for the girls who were able to attend! Super fun for all!

We’ll see you in January for The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane.  Cheers!

As a year of books closes for our fairly new book club – have a magical holiday and a safe and cheerful New Year!  See you in 2018!

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