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Libriomancer (2012)

by Jim C. Hines(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 2
0756407397 (ISBN13: 9780756407391)
Magic Ex Libris
review 1: To my friends out there who enjoy fantasy – do not miss this one! Excellent read! Funny, gumshoe style book with a main character who can pull magic out of books. Good, fun, breezy story with plenty of in-jokes for readers, but enough action to entertain even without getting all the references. A great combination of humor, noir, fantasy, mystery and flat-out geekery.The system of magic it creates is clever, the characters are on the ride side of believably fantastic. Jim C. Hines even manages a delicate dance to make a certain character’s plight oddly tasteful and sympathetic, where other authors would have gotten creepy and/or weird. Though the end of this book does suggest that maintaining his balance doing that dance will be tricky.Very much recommended for not jus... moret lovers of fantasy, but for book lovers in general.
review 2: Isaac Vainio es un "libriomancer", es decir, tiene el poder de extraer objetos que estan dibujados en cualquier libro: sea armas de todo tipo, tesoros, etc. Pasan demasiadas cosas en los primeros capitulos: es atacado por vampiros (que son geneticamente diseñados por humanos y hay distintos tipos!!!), acusado de usar su poder para destruirlos, es rescatado por una druida (su ex) y tiene una mascota que puede generar una intensa cantidad de calor. Creo que la cantidad de info volcada tan abruptamente, me abrumó. Tal vez lo termine ... cuando recupere mi adrenalina. less
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I couldn't put this book down! Loved it and I am going I get the second one today!
I liked this book it surprised me with its different take on the fantasy genre.
Been after this one for a while and wish I'd got hold of a sooner...!
Entertaining, reminded me of "Iron Druid" chronicles a little bit.
Fun Book!
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