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Doorwaakte Nachten (2011)

by Sarah Moss(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 1
9047202090 (ISBN13: 9789047202097)
Artemis & Co
review 1: The first few sentences gave me the impression of a book that was trying too hard to be impressive. My second impression was that I could find no way to sympathize or identify with the the main character. My third and fourth impressions upon finishing were that it grew a bit too repetitive in recounting daily details of the family, and that the topics of the various threads of the story were all interesting enough, but somehow lacked a tightness or perhaps style/method interweaving that would have made the book more compelling. I enjoyed the setting and the history.
review 2: this was an ok read but she could definitely have been it in a shorter book - this is nearly 400 pages and was sometimes pretty tedious and repetitive. It is about Anna, a historian speci
... morealizing in childhood who is 'stranded' on a (fictional) Hebrides small island with 2 small children and a detached non supportive husband. She bemoans for hundreds of pages, with tons of repetitive details into their daily feeding-playing-bedtime-night-time life, the downside to motherhood and how she has had to let go her intellectual life and academic career. The second half of the book picks up with a somewhat interesting story into the history of the island, with historical letters spaced in between the narrative, and the origins of some bones found in the garden but it's spun out far too slowly in my opinion. I'm sure there are supposed to be some parallel sub-plot understandings between the historical and contemporary stories that I'm supposed to get but maybe I am too literal for that. There are a lot of the cliches of the motherhood/career compromise which occasionally are familiarly humorous, even laugh out loud at one point, but mostly not original. less
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I'm not sure what to rate this book. It was compelling but I'm not sure how much I enjoyed it...
Its a good book, i really liked the character of Giles, he was really interesting.
Well written, but I did not warm to whiny Anna.
Why isn't this in the Booker long list?
Rivetting read
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