Devious Magic

Devious magic (Stella Mayweather #3) by Camilla Chafer

When I first started this series I was not so sure about it, but as I have continued it has managed to pull me in and make me really like it. The characters are fleshing out and becoming more real but the situations can sometimes seem a bit stretched as far as where they are. The aspects of magic they play with are good and creative since you do not see anything like it in anything else. The story does not grab you right out the gate but slowly reels you in which gives you a chance to see where it will be taking you.

Stella has settled into her new home and is sharing it with some of her friends for a while. Things seem to have calmed down and while she wants to move forward she still looks back at her childhood with feelings of regret and longing. Because she has become a bit lax she is not prepared when an old foe surfaces and throws her life into chaos. The Brotherhood has not forgotten about the one that got away and want her back in England by any means necessary.

When Annalise is kidnapped and taken to England as a lure Stella will follow to save her friend. But she finds there is more than she could have ever thought possible.

There is some romance, some violence, and some nice people.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars


“Did you just call my girlfriend a slut?” asked Evan slowly. I could see a glow lighting his hands, not fire but something else, something almost imperceptible. Clearly, Daniel hadn’t thought to protect the house from a daemon; he probably didn’t even know they existed. “Slut. Slut. Slut,” repeated Nameless, cackling, proving just how stupid he really was.

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