Do you re-read books sometimes?

I’m really bad at re-reading books because I have a huge To-Be-Read pile right now, but sometimes I re-read a series in Swedish called A Faraway Island and it´s about two sisters who during the Second World War were moved, for their own safety, to a small island outside of Gothenburg surrounded by the ocean. We follow the sisters struggle to be accepted in society, find friendship, family and an education. And maybe some love as well. I saw that they have actually translated the books into English as well and I´m so happy about it because now more people can read about them.

Another book I have re-read from time to time are The Host by Stephanie Meyer because I really enjoyed it and still do. I suppose the sequel has been put on ice since Stephanie started writing something else now. Such a pity because I think another book in the series could have been really interesting emotionally. But I love the first book and it ended well even though there is an opening for a second book if Stephanie would like someday. We just have to wait and see.

Below are examples of other books that I actually want to re-read someday because I want to remember that I loved them reading them years ago. Do you have any book you would like to re-read?

The Underland Cronicles by Susanne Collins
I remember that they were so charming yet kind of exciting even for a grown up to read.

Kindred Hearts by Rowan Speedwell
A story about finding yourself in a historical setting. How can you not love that? What happens when you find yourself having feelings for another guy?

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
When I started this book I was all like, nooo not a story about horses but darn it this book was soo exciting and I remember it leaving me with the feeling Woow What Did I Just Read?

Do you have a book or series that you have re-read many times? 

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