Entangled [REVIEW]

Entangled by J.L. Weil (Book 2 of the Beauty Never Dies Chronicles) was a long-awaited read for me. The first book, Slumber, was absolutely amazing in every way. So, Entangled had quite a bit to live up to after the long wait.

Honestly, I was disappointed. I expected so much out of the continuation of Charlotte’s story, and maybe that’s my fault. I can’t say that I enjoyed Entangled anywhere near as much as I enjoyed Slumber.

And now, I await the third book.

I hate giving bad reviews, but I won’t lie and say I was impressed. I know that authors work so hard on their stories, and I respect that (as I have yet to publish any books), but this is my honest review – good or bad.

3/5 Stars.

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