First e-book … done !

I have tried reading books on my laptop and tablet many times in the past. I rarely  complete reading any of the books I start unless it’s a regular paper book.

Since I purchased my new iPhone 7 Plus which has a large screen and of course it’s a device I carry around with me at all times , I attempted to re-explore e-books. I borrowed an e-book from the local library and downloaded it into the Overdrive app on the phone. It was easy to install and start reading.

I kept the fonts large . I think staring at mobile screens a few centimeters away from our faces is likely to hurt our eyesight eventually. I find that with a large font size, I can keep the phone a little further away, on my desk perhaps and still be able to read easily.

So finally last night I finished 1871 pages ( mobile pages ) of Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

I kept going at it since the holidays last year .  I would read at the doctor’s office or at lunch time or simply waiting to pick up my lunch order from the local cafe.  It was super convenient. The phones nowadays being fairly light it’s no problem holding them.  The only issue when you stand and read with the phone in your hand is that you neck begins to ache a bit. I love to set the phone down on a desk so the phone is closer to eye level and I don’t have to hang my head down while I read.

So what did I think of this book – I think it was very predictable. It did not take me long to figure the killer. There weren’t many options to go with.  There have been other books from Nora Roberts I have loved and they were less predictable. Having said that, it was still an enjoyable read. It followed the older themes from her I have seen before – girl or boy has baggage and past worries and goes somewhere on a life changing mission and finds true love and life solution. The theme though repetitive has a comforting effect to it, mostly due to Roberts’s  style of writing. She paints comforting pictures with words. She draws endearing characters and describes nature with flair.  If you are looking to relax , go for it I say !!





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