First Things First: Buying/Trading Coins

This is the hardest part in the start up. Finding reputable and really just anywhere to go when you’re brand new is hard.

So obviously in order to get into the market, you have to put money in. At this current moment in time here is what I and many others use.


This is where you’re going to buy the coins or your “wallet” if you will. Right now all you can buy into first is Bitcoin/BTC, BitCoin Cash/BCH, Ethereum/ETH, and Litecoin/LTC. Yes, they’re insane prices first glance but you can buy in at any amount. I started with $20 just to get my feet wet and get some more understanding. Ideally you want to find the cheapest one as far as fees go, which at this time is Litecoin.


Kucoin Exchange

Kucoin is one of the few exchanges that is still open to public trade. Its a modest exchange with a good selection of coins, but does lack a good many. Overall its where I’m beginning as its cheaper and not as congested as the other exchanges so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Binance Exchange

This is the big boy. TONS of coins, money, people, incentives, lag, back ally deals, wealth, fame, strippers! But yeah, they’re good in most aspects but they’re more expensive, more coins can attract the wrong idea in a newbie (like myself) and they jump on a coin at a wrong time and dont know how to rebound (like myself even now at times). Don’t think you can go big on Kucoin as you absolutely can, but Binance has more variety thus opening the opportunity to be greater.


So far this is all I can recommend as this is all I have any experience in. Expect list to be updated.