Five On Friday: Interview with author Rosanna Leo

Crave author, Rosanna Leo joins us on this beautiful Friday for a quick five question interview. Check out her book Vice which is available for .99¢ for a limited time (Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday) Universal Link:


What is the best compliment you have received about your writing? Well, it’s a bit of a naughty compliment but I love it. When my first book came out, a coworker picked up a copy. She told me afterwards that she read bits of it to her husband while they were in bed. It apparently “inspired them” to get busy. He told her to tell me it was “the best five bucks she ever spent.” I will never forget that. Tell us about an embarrassing moment. Sadly, I’ve had several. I’ve always been somewhat accident-prone and it’s not unusual for me to trip on my own feet. When I was younger, I did a lot of community theater. At one point, I was in a production of “Pirates of Penzance.” During a dress rehearsal, I somehow ended up tripping on my long gown and falling into a pile of stacked chairs. They fell on top of me. I had to be rescued by a bunch of older men dressed as pirates. It was … weird. Which one of your characters is your favorite and why? Although this is a question that makes me feel guilty for choosing, I’d have to say I’m partial to Liam Doyle, the hero of Vice, Vegas Sins 1. Liam is such a tortured soul and his journey to redemption speaks to me. He has a good heart and expects so much of himself but his good intentions don’t always come through as he wishes. As his heroine Kate says, he needs to “hit rock bottom.” When he does, it breaks my heart. I think I rooted for this couple more than any of my others and I was so happy to bring their happy ending to Crave Publishing. What’s something you are really good at that only a few people know about? My family and friends know this but I’m not sure how many of my readers will. In my younger days, I trained as a classical soprano and sang in a Toronto chamber ensemble for a while. It was a lot of fun and I loved the music but I had to give it up once I started my family. It’s a very difficult career to manage when you have small children. So, I guess you could say I can sing a little bit, although I’m probably rusty. What is the hardest thing about writing? Ah! The hardest thing about writing is not being able to write! I work part-time as well and when I can’t be at my laptop, it’s agonising. I’m always thinking about what I want to write next so when there are other distractions, it can be annoying. I guess that’s a sign that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing! To learn more about Rosanna, visit her website: Advertisements Share this:
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