Gods Without Men

Our first novel, Gods Without Men, is a juicy, wild torrent of a read covering mystical visions, 60’s counter culture, modern day cynicism of the credit crisis, the media and, a decent dose of mind altering drugs…

The Guardian reviewed Gods Without Men by Hari Kunzru as an “extraordinary, counter-cultural mind-expanding fourth novel”. 

Meanwhile, at the Hay Festival this year Hari Kunzru shared his discussed the book on Radio 4’s Bookclub, have a listen if you fancy.

Set in a kaleidoscope of historical time frames but all connected to the same place, the Mojave Desert deep in the US, cults, rock stars, missionary priests and New York financiers all collide in this thought-provoking novel.

This is the first book we have chosen to read as a collective for the Colerne Culture Club.

Thoughts, concussions and discussions will be added to this post after our inaugural meeting.


This book proved to be extremely good for creating a heated discussion about the meaning of belief systems. Not everyone enjoyed the story and felt the lack of conclusion for each character and story line frustrating. But equally, this is the point of the book, that no belief system be it, religion, cults, drugs, shamen, rock and roll gives you satisfactory answers and results.

“Everyone has a different vibration of consciousness”

“We are all looking for something to fill the void – just as the characters in this book are.”

If you are looking for something to question, discover an affinity with UFO’s, location, circumstance and belief systems – then this book is for you.