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De Karaokeoorlog (1994)

by Ryū Murakami(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 3
Uitgeverij De arbeiderspers
review 1: Major WTF alert!How far would you go to avenge the death of a friend? Shoot his murderer? Okay, accepted. Buy a rocket launcher and blow up people? Umm, not conventional but still plausible. Build a poor-man's nuclear bomb and wipe out an entire district just to kill three middle-aged women? Sanity just threw itself out of a window!I find the weirdness of Haruki Murakami much more satisfying than the pointless display of nihilism of Ryu Murakami, thank you. I won't be picking up stuff written by him anytime soon.
review 2: Está realmente muy bueno. Es como Beavis & Butt-head meet A clockwork orange meet Japan. Me gustó mucho y es lo que uno espera cuando alguien dice "Novela japonesa contemporanea" (al contrario del oootro Murakami) De verdad está muy divert
... moreida, en especial por las canciones de cada capítulo y la manera en que sitúa la ironía con sentimientos como la angustia o la tristeza en un mismo personaje, situaciones, etc. Leeré más cosas de este otro Murakami, definitivamente. Y pensar que originalmente buscaba leer "Piercing" (pero no la encontré). less
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If you are a fan of Chuck Palahniuk or dig Quentin Tarantino movies (I do) you will like this book.
i honestly don't know how i felt about this book - it was hilarious and brutal at the same time.
It's perverse. I worry someone could take it seriously.
Amazingly done.Hilariously gloomy.Ryu at his best.
Man, those guys have some serious issues.
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