Graphic Novels (Real Life Problems)

This is the first part in a four part focus on the genre of Graphic Novels. The two books reviewed in the video below deal with realistic scenarios. Future installments will look at Undead Romance, Manga Comedy Series, and Science Fiction.


Jensen, J., Case, J., & Blambot, N. P. (2011). Green River killer: a true detective story. Milwaukie, WI: Dark Horse Books. Hardcover. $24.99 ISBN13: 9781595825605

Told in a series of flashbacks that detail the struggle for justice over the course of thirty years, this mesmerizing true story probes the complicated nature of a serial killer, but just like Detective Tom Jensen, it is never able to answer the question of why anyone would commit crimes as horrible as those of the Green River Killer.

Powell, N. (2008). Swallow me whole. Marietta: Top Shelf Productions. Hardcover. $19.95 ISBN13: 9781603090339

When Ruthie’s obsessions evolve into episodes of hallucinogenic visions, the adults in her life take her to see a doctor who prescribes medicine that might help her cope with the onslaught of her acute schizophrenia. Will it help, or will the visions continue to grow stronger, until they threaten to swallow her whole?


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