GW13: Tom stays top, Lukaku continues to fade…

After the delay in getting GW12’s report to press, Paul Chapman struggles woefully to keep up with the games coming thick and fast over the festive period. Here’s Gameweek 13, and like Lukaku desperately trying to rediscover his goalscoring form, he’s rather snatched at the chance…

Top score of the week went to Thomas Ashman’s Bench Warmers FC, who was already in #1 spot having deposed yours truly. Now 19 points clear at the top of the table, Tom also sits comfortably around the 88,000th mark in the league overall (out of around 5.5million) and – get this – he’s 232nd in Belgium!! Don’t know any famous Belgians? Now you do *points at Tom*.

So how did Tom amass this weeks highest score? Well, success has many fathers I think they say, and 9 of Tom’s starting 11 scored 5 or more (but interestingly none more than 8 not including his captain). So certainly not a team that Pep could witheringly describe as ‘that Harry Kane team’, although that said Tom does have Harry Kane.

‘Has Lukaku lost his way?’ asked the BBC Sport website. ‘Yes he bloody has’ I replied.

My own team, Los Yobos, hung on to second place by the skins of their skinny skin skin, with a so-so 49 points, beating only 2 others in the top 10. Chief culprit for my team was Romelus Lukakus who failed to respond to my faith in handing him the captains armband, and instead contented himself with doing the bare minimum and just turning up. Just cos I get away with that in the day job Rom, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for those in my Fantasy team, buck your ideas up son!

Salah has scored more fantasy points than any other player.

Creeping up to within 2 points of second, is my own flesh and blood, Gary Chapman with a decent 59 points. Like Tom, Gary – head coach at GFC (C) – benefited from having both Kane and Aguero in his front two. Will Aguero get regular game time or be alternated with Jesus? Lord above knows. Salah, Richarlison and De Gea were three of the increasingly ‘must-have’ players who also coughed up points for Gman. Plus the more left field choice Aké in defence.

Outside the top three, a poor week for Dan’s Lambeth Lightweights saw him drop to 5th, leapfrogged by Keith Lambert’s The Lamb. Always a dangerous opponent, has Keith been massaging his Lamb to peak over Christmas? I wouldn’t put it past him the filthy beast.

David Unsworth provides a definitive answer to ‘who ate all the pies’

Down at the sharp end, Rosbroch FC remained locked in a titanic struggle for bottom spot with Raised by Wolves. Even a creditable 52 points for Rosbroch wasn’t enough to get off the bottom but manager Scott Grierson is now just 3 points behind Alison Breakwell’s Wolves. Making a late dash for bottom place relevancy is the ridiculously monickered Ricko Lambermontini’s Un Pacquet A 40 Avec. Ricko’s joint lowest score of 31 could have been far worse if not for his captain Eden Hazard scoring 16 points for him, the other 10 averaging a meagre 1.5 points between them. That’s the sort of form that must have Scott and Alison worried.

Game week 14 takes place tonight and tomorrow, the deadline being 18:45 this evening UK time. Volunteers for reporting duties, report to the usual place…

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