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My Lady Quicksilver (2013)

by Bec McMaster(Favorite Author)
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140227033X (ISBN13: 9781402270338)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
London Steampunk
review 1: 4.5 starsMy favorite of the series so far. If you're reading primarily for romance, this could be read as a standalone. If you like worldbuilding and want to know what's going on with the series story arc, start with book 1.I liked and respected the heroine. She was raised to be an assassin and seducer, but falls in love with her (late) husband and is betrayed when she won't betray him. I was happy that while she was a fully grown women with plenty of baggage, the action and romance kept everything from getting bogged down in an angst pit. I also liked and respected the hero, who had baggage of his own. He's kind of a stern cop but also a nerd. I outright LOLed when he got mad at the heroine for hiding the Tibetan manuscript he was trying to decipher in his spare time.Th... moreey seemed like a well-matched pair. There was a bit of a spy vs spy feel, but once again the fast-but-not-racing pace kept the story moving.I will admit that I struggled a bit at the beginning to re-immerse myself in this world, but I'll gladly take that over having to read through backstory info-dumps.
review 2: The third book in the London Steampunk series, readers are taken out of the mainstream Echelon upper crust as well as away from the White Chapel rookery and into the politics and everyday dealings of the middle class. From the previous two books, we know there is a war brewing as strict rules from the upper blue bloods create near impossible living conditions for.. well, basically everyone else! Humans, mechs (those with a mechanical body part) and verwulfen (freed but still viewed as little more than animals) struggle for survival. And thus, in the previous books, we have learned about the Humans First party as well as the the group of rebels lead by Mercury to fight against the Echelon. This book focuses on Mercury and the Nighthawks (think Bow Street Runner only a blue blood who wasn't actually supposed to be turned), THE Nighthawk, to be precise, Sir Jasper Lynch. The prince regent has demanded that Lynch find Mercury within three weeks or he will die. Meanwhile, Mercury, headed by Rosalind, is desperate to learn of the fate of her younger brother, Jeremy who was "lost" after a group of mechs tried to plant bombs to kill the Echelon. She comes up with a plan to infiltrate the Nighthawks and become Lynch's secretary. Working closely together, Lynch and Mercury, aka Rosa, aka widow Mrs. Marberry, begin to develop feelings for each other. Rosa discovers that not all blue bloods are alike. Lynch, after being betrayed by another, finds himself tempted once again. The mechs, who at thing point have branched off from Mercury, have developed a chemical that throws blue bloods into an instant blood lust/vampire like state. The only way to stop them is to kill them. When Lynch is put into the line of fire and given the chemical, Rosa uses his desire for her to slowly pull him back and eventually Lynch retains his "human" side once again. With Rosa skipping back and forth between Mrs. Mayberry and Mercury, she and Lynch work to stop the mechs. In the end, she must choose whether to turn Mercury in and save Lynch or keep Mercury going for the cause. I enjoyed how the end of this story was handled. Looking forward to seeing just how Perry and Garrett's story will add to this series in the next book. less
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This series is awesome. So many characters to work with. Really enjoying it.
One of my new favs!! Great steampunk, and awesome stories and characters.
Not as good as 1st in series, but decent.
Love love love this series!!!!!
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