Happy birthday Marie!

It’s Marie Dressler’s birthday! Don’t know who she is? Well, she’s kind of a local hero here in Cobourg and today, she would have been 149 years old.

So when somebody famous comes from your town and it’s her birthday, you should go see her house! Makes sense doesn’t it? Sure it does!

Chuck and I went just down the street today to visit her home. She was such an interesting character…one of the very few actresses that successfully made the transition from silent film to talkies.

I think she’s someone I would have loved to sit down and talk to. She must have had so many stories. And her attitude…how could you not want to have a coffee with this woman?

Although we couldn’t talk to Marie, we did end up going for coffee anyway. If you’re ever heading through Cobourg you need to stop by The Rustic Bean for a cappuccino (or espresso, or latte…) and a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. It is another of Cobourg’s little gems.

We’re safe and sound at home now listening to the wind scream around the patio furniture and against the windows, just waiting for the storm to hit. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better weather day!


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