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My Name Is Parvana (2012)

by Deborah Ellis(Favorite Author)
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Groundwood Books
The Breadwinner
review 1: This book was amazing. It was extremely inspiring how this girl, Parvana, was able to fight with all her strength and fight for what she believed in. Her message on how everyone deserves education is a growing topic especially in places like Afghanistan. It was also incredible how she managed to keep her mouth shut while the troops were interrogating her. I think Parvana, even though she is fictional, she represents a lot of young girls in places like Afghanistan, and Africa, who believe in education and want to go to school. Parvana reminded me of Malala, who is a real person who stood up for education, and survived when she got shot by the Taliban. The only way you can really make a difference is for people like Parvana and Malala to stand up and be your voice. Even thou... moregh I did not read the first book, The Breadwinner, I still thought this book was amazing. This was one of the best books in the Red Maple selection, and now I have to choose between three of my favourite books to vote on!
review 2: The book that I am reading is called “My Name is Parvana “by Deborah Ellis. The genre of this novel is realistic fiction because it describes a believable young girl’s life in Afghanistan. This novel is about a girl who lives in Afghanistan and tries to fight for her school, a task that is very difficult. One of the book’s strengths is its realistic description of a girl’s life in Afghanistan which allows the reader to empathise with Parvana. One of the weaknesses of the novel is that it can confuse the reader when the story switches between the past and the present. I have enjoyed reading “My Name is Parvana” because I can relate to her. We all have struggles in our lives, but we have some force in us that helps us go on. An example of the struggle is when Parvana has difficulty in school and wants to run away, but she fights with the idea and stays. This book is fantastic and I really enjoyed it and I recommend it for other kid’s ages nine and up. less
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Great book, it is very interesting, couldn't be better
Not as gripping as Breadwinner.
Great message, so inspiring!
Moving. Have no more words.
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