Imposter syndrome—every creative woman’s buzzkill

For years you’ve been doing the grind. Putting in extra hours at work. Staying up late refining your ideas. Going out of your way to help your coworkers, your peers, your partners. Building up valuable skill, strength, endurance, and knowledge.

Yet the voice in your head says, “what if I don’t deserve this?”

That voice is called imposter syndrome, and like it or not women are more susceptible to it than men.

This is not new information. We’ve known this since the 70s.

When we step into leadership roles, imposter syndrome steps in too.

When we speak up about what we believe in, imposter syndrome steps in too.

Imposter syndrome is not telling the truth, and it’s time to start shutting it out.

But how do we start, when the force of habit creeps in?

Surround yourself with friends who remind you how remarkable and competent you are on your own.

Take on challenges even when you’re shaking from head to toe with fear of judgment and inadequacy.

Read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. Read poetry written by resilient women: Maya Angelou, Rupi Kaur, Warsan Shire, and Katherine Vermette. Listen to Brené Brown.


Fill your head with new voices.

Publish that book.

Start that business.

Ask for that promotion or raise.

When someone sexist turns to you to say, “you’re bossy” work harder, learn more, and speak up again.



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