Labor Day Weekend Recap

I finished a video game and watched a movie this weekend, which means it was a resounding success. That might sound pathetic, but the bar’s pretty low when there’s a hyperactive puppy who likes to chew anything and everything constantly trying to be within inches of you.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Here’s what I played and watched this weekend:

© Naughty Dog/PlayStation Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

I finished Uncharted: The Lost Legacy after almost exactly 11 hours of gameplay and exhaustive exploration. I somehow still managed to miss nine treasures, four conversations, and seven photo opportunities, though. Despite my lack of complete collectibles lists, my time with The Lost Legacy was a blast.

More Uncharted is never a bad thing. The Lost Legacy feels a lot like an extension of Uncharted 4, but that makes sense considering that’s what it was supposed to be before the scope expanded and it became a standalone game. Chloe and Nadine’s blossoming partnership/friendship was a joy to be part of, and the mechanics and gameplay were as tight as ever. I’ve loved every entry of the Uncharted franchise, and The Lost Legacy is no different in that respect.

See my early thoughts on The Lost Legacy here. A full review will be coming sometime this week.


I’d heard some good things about Sleight before seeing it, and the movie didn’t even come close to living up to the pretty mild expectations I had set. There were some interesting parts of the movie, but they were hidden behind an unnecessarily complicated (but incredibly simple) plot and about 10 more scenes setting up the main character than anyone needed to see.

I don’t regret watching Sleight, but it didn’t stick with me since even its coolest moments were the kinds of things I’ve seen several times before. The central idea behind Sleight (a street magician who basically gave himself superpowers) is cool, but the execution let it down.


Could it really be called a weekend if it didn’t involve possibly too much sitcom viewing on Netflix? We may never know.

That’s it for me. I wanted to see Wind River, but the weather wasn’t great and the theater’s kind of far, so it didn’t happen. Maybe this week?

Highlight: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Summed up thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the latest entry in Naughty Dog’s now long-running franchise. I can’t wait to see what kind of new ideas they have in store after The Last of Us Part II, though.

On the way: I’d really like to see Wind River before it leaves theaters. It comes out this week, and I’m planning on being there as early as possible. I have way too many rentals out right now thanks to T-Mobile credit and 10¢ rentals, but the only ones that really matter are Kong: Skull Island, The Lost City of Z, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. I’ll be checking out at least a bit of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle before turning my attention to Tooth and Tail early next week.

What did you watch and play this weekend? Let me know in the comments.

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