Let’s Go-Kart into Infinity!

It’s been a good while since I last did anything amazing. I struggle to pinpoint a time when I got totally activated and focused on something. I know how it feels and welcome the mental and physical effects it leaves you with. About five years ago, the company I worked for took their employees out for a team building session. We went go-karting. I’m still unclear on how this helps to build a team, but nonetheless, the race left a very deep memory and I think of it every time I recall what it’s like to focus, to really focus. When the light turned green, all the males went speeding off to the first corner. The ladies slowly gained speed but we were way behind! Something happened and the amber warning lights flashed, which requires us to slow down. We crept up to the gentlemen ahead. It was a sneaky move but I started to think that I could actually have a chance at beating the men in our team. I was ready. I’d completed a whole lap at a comfortable speed, getting a feel for the kart. The lights turned back to green and I was super close to the last male in the team already and my foot pushed faster and harder than anyone else! I was in the zone! I was catching up with the guys and after each lap, had gained a position. Another gained, and another, then another! I was so laser focused that I did not notice that the amber warning lights flashed again! Unfortunately, I was disqualified because I broke the rules (not slowing down for the amber lights). I’m quite sure I would have won the race had the lights stayed green. I was already in second place with a lap to go. The race took about fifteen minutes but it felt like fifteen seconds. I was exhilarated and inspired to find that zone again.

Sometimes I find that focused zone about six kilometres into a run. Sometimes I get into the zone through writing tender responses and proposals. I somehow manage to get to that zone almost every time I apply makeup to a bride’s face! And guess what I did when I moved to Singapore? I chose to leave my makeup kit behind… Why would I do such a thing? Why did I sabotage myself? That kit is my ticket becoming Unstoppable! Would you like to know what excuses I had for not bringing it with me to Singapore?

  • It won’t be accepted for carry-on luggage
  • It would get damaged if I checked it in
  • I have the wrong products for Singaporean weather
  • I don’t have enough experience with Asian faces
  • There aren’t enough expats in Singapore to support my makeup business
  • I just want to focus on my next role in sales and not put additional pressure on myself
  • Singaporean brides get married young and would prefer a younger makeup artist and one who looks more like them.

I could go on but these were the excuses I heard myself vomit more often, like they justify to any reasonable human being that I chose well.

Why do we sabotage ourselves? I wish I had read the book Unstoppable before the move. I would have recognised the sabotage. What is the point of sabotage? What are we protecting? The status quo? How did humanity evolve if we have this stupid sabotage thing?

I might just have to find a go-karting track in Singapore and tear around the track like a woman possessed! Perhaps this is the perfect time to practice the Unstoppable mentality in everything I do, not just some things. How about I bring focus, energy, excellence, drive, attitude, passion and effort into every day?

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