Life on Mars by Jon Agee

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Children’s lit

Medium: Hardcover

Synopsis: A small astronaut has set out to find life on mars.  But it appears that he’s the only one out there…or is he?

Review:  This was…too cute.  This is definitely perfect for lovers of Klassen and Barnett, as it rings true with sneakiness, optimism, and hope.  In this picturebook,  a young astronaut sets out with a mission and a gift: to find life on mars, and to possibly give it a cupcake.  Unfortunately for him, he’s just not finding anything…or so it seems.

For me, the illustrations in this seem cute, homey, yet entirely adventurous.  Maybe it’s the linework, maybe it’s the fact that it’s flat except for the shadows which in turn give it depth, or maybe it’s just because I feel it in my bones.  The writing felt the same way.  But, it’s the combination of the artwork and the text that truly pull this story together: without one, the story couldn’t possibly be complete, and that is part of the beauty of this book.

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