Logo | Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper is a driven and focussed world triathlete, speaker, and coach. I am inspired by her passion and enthusiasm, both as an influential business person and as a powerful athlete.

In 2016, Michelle asked me to create a brand for her which filled me with honour. I knew exactly direction I needed to go with her identity and how it should feel: focussed, driven, and authoritative, with my signature style – must be readable, clean, and consistent. Michelle did have one requirement; “It must be black and white.”

I presented several logo options to Michelle and she chose her favourite for me to start refining. After some work, I figured out the grid that will form the underlying structure for Michelle’s super hero-like logo. I find it so satisfying when grids just work.

I wanted the MC icon to be perfectly square so it can stand out from other logos when reduced. Additionally, I am always careful to design logos that reduce and enlarge well; no fine detail that will disappear at small sizes.

Michelle was very happy with her winning brand. Representing her perfectly with strength and focus.