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Im Haus Des Bösen (2009)

by F.G. Cottam(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 1
3423211784 (ISBN13: 9783423211789)
review 1: To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The first quarter of the book is so plodding that I nearly gave up on it. To make matters worse, there are quite a lot of people, interactions, phenomena, and conversations in this section that are written as though the reader already knows the story - no introductions as to who these people are or why we should care. The next quarter is only mildly better. It wasn't until the extended flashback section that so many other reviewers seemed to hate, that I got really interested. From that point until very near the end I enjoyed the story quite a lot. The story gets murky and atmospheric - many seemingly disparate events are shown to be woven together - all strands of the same sinister plot. The pacing picks up nicely adding a suspen... moreseful urgency to the impending ending of the story - and then it just stops. We are left to assume or guess at the outcome. We never learn the fate of the protagonist, or many of the other characters. I could have forgiven the bumpy beginning if the ending was handled well - but it wasn't. So, 3 stars for the middle, and all the way up to the end, but lost a star for the ending that should have been there, and the meandering journey in the beginning.
review 2: I've been reading alot of Cottam's novels recently, and loved each one more than the one before. So I finally picked this one up and eventually realized I had already read it about a year ago. Guess I'm kind of stuck in a rut, but too bad. If loving well-written stories of kick-ass protagonists haunted by super-scary demons and long-dead characters and events, then I don't want to be right! FG: Please stick with this formula and keep 'em coming. less
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Really good. Great story and well written. I did feel like the end was wrapped up super quick.
So confusing. Enjoyable enough but I felt lots of questions were left unanswered
Awesome! Very atmospheric and gripping from the start to finish.
this was too dumb. i had to stop..
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