Love Virtually 4 – The End (Pages 165 – end)



As the virtual relationship between Emmi and Leo deepens, things go even crazier. He finally tells her that he didn’t fall in love with Mia, nor she with him, because their meeting had been orchestrated by Emmi, and according to Leo, it was doomed from the first, because Emmi was always present there.

Then something happens that change everything. Emmi’s husband emails Leo, telling him that he has read the emails, and he confesses that Emmi has been distracted and not herself for months, so that is why he decided to find out what was wrong with him wife. Now he asks Leo to meet Emmi once because Berhard thinks that Emmi is so smitten because Leo is a fantasy, and he reckons that once they meet, that fantasy will die, and Leo will be an average man. In Berhard’s email we learn more about Emmi than in all her emails. Berhard is a widower and a piano player, and after his wife’s death, he was miserable, and it was his music who saved him, and then Emmi, who was one of his students, made him love again. He claims that they have been very happy, and Emmi loves the children as well as him. It is a long email Berhard writes, and in the last lines he asks Leo not to tell Emmi about him reading her emails because that would be a humiliation for both her and Berhard.

After the email, something changes, and Leo realises that things have gone too far. So I don’t know if what he writes next to Emmi is true or not, but he tells her that he is moving to Boston, and then he will stop writing to her completely. Emmi is not happy because his tone is cold and detached. After several more emails, they decided to finally meet up before he leaves for America. It will be at his place; Leo will leave the door ajar and in darkness, and they will kiss in the dark, and then they’ll see what happens.

The last email in the novel is from Emmi, and we learn that she didn’t go to Leo’s apartment and stood him up. She tells him that when she was about to leave, Bernhard called her Emmi like he used to do years ago, and somehow that made what she was about to do too real, and she felt scared. So in the end they don’t get to meet. The answer to this email is an automatic response, informing Emmi that the email address doesn’t exist any longer.

I enjoyed the book. My favourite character is Emmi, who has a wonderful sense of humour and wit. She can be frustratingly honest and so transparent. I really love her wit and humour. She made me laugh. Now I’m going to read the sequel, and I’m dying to know what will happen to these two hopeless virtual lovers.

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