Mini REVIEW: Monster

Monster by Michael Grant
Expected publication: October 19th 2017 by Electric Monkey

When the dome came down, they thought it was the end of the troubles. Truth is, it was just the beginning.

Shade Darby witnessed events that day, with devastating consequences, and vowed never to feel that powerless again. Now, four years later, she gets her hands on a part of the meteor that began it all – and that’s when she changes.

Trouble is, Shade’s not the only one mutating, and the authorities cannot allow these superpowers to go unchecked . . .

First of an explosive three-book young adult series. Once again Michael Grant creates a compelling young cast of new characters for readers to love, hate and debate, as well as a host of unimaginable creatures. This happily stands alone from the GONE series, while also featuring some fan-pleasing appearances from previous FAYZ inhabitants.

Monster takes off after the Gone series, although I havent read the Gone series (it has been on my TBR list forever) it didnt impact my understanding of the story, there were plenty of recaps so it was super easy to pick up the story, although it does feature spoilers for the previous books. However I do wish I had more of a back story and connection to the characters.

I loved the superpower aspects & the addition of a gender fluid character. I love seeing different race/gender/sexual representations and this book did it brilliantly.
Monster was so action packed and fast paced from beginning to end. I loved the cast if characters and really enjoyed the different POVs.

After reading this I want to read the original series even more. I loved Monster and the character. It is a brilliant YA read for any action fans.

Thank you NetGalley, Electric Monkey & Michael Grant

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