Monday Musings: First Week of 2018

I was not as productive as I hoped to be at the start of the new year. I did manage to update the blog twice, so hey, already ahead of last year on that.

I did do a little writing. I’ve been feeling frozen about what to write lately, I started and stopped so many ideas last year that I seem to be afraid to even start now, but I have an inkling that began last night on what I should work on next. A personal, rather than professional type of challenge, I guess, but I’ll let you know about that should I manage to do more than think about it.

I set my Goodreads Challenge at 100 books this year. I won’t fret if I don’t read that many because last year is the first time I’ve read more than a handful of books in ten years, so any amount is a plus. But I am well on my way with the two comic books I read this week (and yes, I count those.)

I read the All-Star Comics issue No.8, the first book to contain a Wonder Woman story. Okay, I read the Wonder Woman story, frankly the one before it was a bunch of Superheroes forming the Justice Society of America where they sit around a table and tell each other how great they are at superheroing and I saw Linkara review that on Atop the Fourth Wall (Youtube channel). This is Wonder Woman’s first origins story and I did find it somewhat silly since she literally left the Amazons because she fell in love with a guy in a coma. But there is some good bits too. I have an ebook collection of her first stories to read next.

The second book was Batwoman’s first story in Detective Comics #854, at least I am pretty sure this is her first story, I only did a quick look at Wikipedia for it. This is not the first Batwoman ever, there was a one in the past apparently created as a love interest for Batman, but this one is definitely not her. Kate Kane is a lesbian superhero with her own goals in mind. She’s on the hunt for the boss of the crime syndicate that tried to kill her. I’ve only read the fist installment so far, but I really like it and the art is really beautiful. The other story is about The Question, in this version, the Question is a woman (the other incarnation having been male for quite sometime) and I look forward to reading more about her as well.


Other than that my week was tame involving a lot of taking down Christmas decorations. I hope all of you are having a good first month of January. I plan to put out a post every weekday again, I hope its interesting.