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Locas II (2009)

by Jaime Hernández(Favorite Author)
4.63 of 5 Votes: 1
1606991566 (ISBN13: 9781606991565)
review 1: What can be said about Love & Rockets that hasn't already been said better than I can say it. Locas II follows Maggie, Hopey and Ray around their exploits as they slowly grow older and their lives continue to brush up against the fantastic and the surreal. I'm fascinated by how Jaime pulls off short stories in the comic format. Many of them as short as a single page. Some of the best comic storytelling out there is housed in this enormous tome.
review 2: This is one of the best collections of comic art around, by one of the masters of the form. Jaime Hernandez is also a brilliant writer, for my money the equal or superior of any novelist writing today. In Locas II, Jaime's old Hoppers gang not only grows up but begins to grow old. Hernandez weaves togther the s
... moretories of dozens of characters over nearly four decades, but the main focus is the tragicomic triangle of the lovable Maggie Chascarillo, her on-again, off-again girlfriend Hopey Glass, and Maggie's former boyfriend, the depressed and frustrated ex-artist Ray Dominguez. Maggie struggles with love in all its forms as she marries and divorces, tries to keep her insane friend Izzy safe, and has her first affair with a woman other than Hopey--the bizarre bimbo Vivian Solis. Hopey is forced to grow up at last, much against her will, and she even begins to feel a few pangs of conscience when she hurts people. Ray, who has become the archetypal lonely guy, drifts downward into LA's semi-criminal stripper subculture, where he too encounters Vivian. None of them quite know what to do with themselves, and they all feel the constant pull of their old Hoppers memories. The story is credible and psychologically true, and there are plenty of laughs along with the drama. There are three great new female characters, too: Vivian, the Russian giantess Alarma (who may be a superheroine), and Angel, a charmingly candid young jockette. I won't soon forget any of them, and I won't forget the stories of Izzy's diabolical psychosis, Ray's involvement in a murder, or Hopey's shattered reaction when her old lover Terry doesn't even recognize her anymore. Ignore the word 'graphic;' this is a great novel, period. less
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The best. Everyone should read this series.
I love Maggie and Hopey forever and ever.
hernandez did it again.
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