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Taming Damian (2000)

by Jessica Wood(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 2
The Heartbreaker
review 1: Man there was a lot of miscommunication or actually no communication at all in this book. Since they were too afraid or too stubborn to confront one another it turned into a bigger problem then it should have. Damian thought alex was cheating on him with her ex chris and thought she was pregnant with his baby. She was too scared to tell him that she was actually pregnant with his baby because she thought he'd leave her. Also she had cancer. So she thought he'd leave her through rough times. Since she had to remove her right breast due to the cancer. There was misunderstandings but in the end they finally fixed things and the truth came out. Yeah they had rough patches and fought but in the end they loved each other and stayed together and worked things out. They broke up a... more few times but realized it was over stupid things. Good series!!
review 2: I actually loved the first book. but this one, well, let's just say I don't really like it. I enjoyed it yeah, but not my favorite. the story went waaay too fast since the very beginning. I was expecting more details later, but the details aren't as good as I expected. Damian's an asshole but Alex's a dang stupid. I rolled my eyes a lot. I do love the twist but I wish there'll be more drama. could be better. less
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I didn't want this to end - love love this book
Good story with uncertainty, hurt and romance
Love the ending!!!
Sept 17-19
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