My Brilliant Idea

I had the most brilliant idea recently. Or at least it seemed brilliant to me.

You know how all these classic gaming consoles have been hitting the market lately? The most popular example is the Nintendo Classic and the Super Nintendo Classic, but I’ve also seen editions for Atari and Sega Genesis.

How about one for all the Commodore 64 games? I had quite a few back in the day, and I can’t tell you how many hours I spent in front of my computer back in the day.

I think the console could look like a C64 keyboard, but be much smaller, kind of like the NES and SNES classics. Or maybe it could look like the old floppy disk drives that took up half my desk and weighed a ton.

Of course, I have nowhere close to the tech savvy to pull this off myself, but I thought since I came up with the idea that I could get some of the riches that will inevitably roll in once this gem of an idea is realized.

Whoever finally makes this happen, I want first dibs on the final product. And I should get a discount for having the idea in the first place. Just sayin’.



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