My stop on The Crash by Lisa Drakeford Tour

Hello everyone and welcome to my stop on The Crash by Lisa Drakeford tour.

There are always many versions to the same stories, so today, Lisa gives us a little insight as to her take on writing one story through the eyes of different characters.


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Being in the Heads of Five People at the Same Time

Being in the heads of five people at the same time sounds downright painful and mildly unhealthy. But to be fair, although the book’s about five different people, I only really get in the heads of four.

I’m a bit obsessed by the fact that there are multiple sides to just one story. I said it in The Baby and now I’m reiterating it in The Crash. Writing from four different perspectives felt straightforward as they were all coming at the story from very different angles. But I had to be careful; I had to make sure each character had a different voice. Issy was easy. She’s the youngest character; she’s plucky and going through her own challenging murk. She’s a bit of an onlooker and doesn’t always get things right. I had fun writing Issy’s story, even if it was pretty dark. But differentiating between my two female leads, Gemma and Sophie, was more difficult. I had to properly immerse myself into their story and re-read their chapters beforehand to remind myself of their tone and style of thinking.

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Gemma’s harsher than Sophie with a much shadier past, so I had to play this out in her behaviour. Sophie’s more straightforward and moral, going through some pretty typical stuff (ok, I know cars don’t typically crash through living room walls, but you know what I mean).

Without spoilers, I can’t really say too much about Tye. Suffice to say, writing from his perspective was an enjoyable, if weird experience, where I could let loose and cut free much to the despair of my copy editor!

So, this is my second book writing from four different perspectives. Maybe I’ll give myself a break next time; maybe I’ll do myself a favour and limit myself to two. It’s got to be better for my brain.

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