Never ever have I…

I never thought this could happen.  Sure I’ve thought about doing it, many times but it’s never actually happened.  After:

  • getting up early,
  • a long day at site,
  • a long drive there and back,
  • on a fasting day where I’ve had less than 350 calories all day
  • settling in having had dinner

I went to a class at the gym!  To be fair that would be impressive enough for me to do just because it’s after work, never-mind a day like today.  It’s one of those things I’d pretty much given up on ever being able to do.  Once home and having had dinner, it’s very very hard to get me to leave the house.  However, ever since my good friend who is training to become a pilates instructor gave me a couple of lessons as a part of her course – I’ve remembered how much I like it.  I’m now on my 4th session; this was my second at the gym.

Now I’m back at home, smugness level is very high. So is the hunger and all the damn ads on TV are for food.  Even McDonald’s looks tempting.