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Sunless Sea, A (2012)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
1423372638 (ISBN13: 9781423372639)
Brilliance Audio
William Monk
review 1: This William Monk novel was an audio book. It started with the brutal death of a poor widow and evolved into a drama about the use of opium in Victorian England to solve multiple health problems from babies' teething pain to the pain of crushed limbs and about the efforts to control and regulate that use. The issue felt real to me. Perry's stories are well-researched and I learned about the Opium Wars, how much opium was used and why regulation was necessary. And, as is often the case in her books, the crimes (a previous death is suspected to not be the suicide it was declared to be) have been caused by the arrogance from the arrogance of wealth.
review 2: i got a free arc copy of this book. . The complexities of her plots,understanding of human nature an
... mored descriptive narrative are unusual in this genre, lifting her books into a different category from the average thriller or police procedural. I have now read every book in the Inspector Monk series, and look forward to any forthcoming issues. From the first in the series to the last, she has developed her characters and allowed the reader to feel they actually know the people involved, and to be concerned about their struggles. I am an unashamed fan of the whole series. less
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Likeable characters, but way too predicable of a plot.
Nice twisty plot.
Chillingly good.
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