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The King's Deception (2013)

by Steve Berry(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
030799094X (ISBN13: 9780307990945)
Random House Large Print
Cotton Malone
review 1: Overall a very strong read that was clearly researched well with a lot of historical background intertwined with an intriguing myth that shines a light on a intriguing take on British history. The novel and the central concept are strong enough to draw you in and consider whether it was possible for the Princess Elizabeth to be swapped and for it to be covered up. Even though the central concept is engaging but not enough to carry the book to greatness. Overall its a good read to pass the time but nothing more, it is pretty much the same as the authors other works good but not gripping.
review 2: Much like in _The Lincoln Affair_, Berry takes us on a tour of history and applies historical data (some true, some fictional) to a theory that could bring down a supe
... morerpower (USA in the former, UK in the latter) in modern times based on what lies in our archives. His writing style takes some getting used to, but in the end his facts (as presented in the novel) are coherent and the main characters are believable. If you like espionage thrillers and/or historical fiction, this would most likely appeal to you. less
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Interesting........But I'm one who doesn't want to believe the secret!!!
Loved every word. One of his best.
His usual fast moving story
Very good
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