Not your typical Super Girl

It was costume play at school and the only kiddy costume we had at home was a pink mask and cape. We told her that she would be Super Girl and got her all dressed up in pink. It wasn’t very elaborate but good enough for effort I guess.

Erin went off, had loads of fun, and came home with a bag full of sweets. I asked if there were many Super Girls like her at school today, to which she shockingly exclaimed, “I’m not Super Girl, I’m Strawberry Girl!”.

You see, as parents, it’s easy to just follow the crowd. If you’re gonna wear a cape, it means you’re a superhero, you fly, you’re super special. Pretty self explanatory really.

But to Erin, the ‘S’ on her mask wasn’t for ‘Super’, it was for ‘Strawberry’, and she firmly believed so. She didn’t care much about having superpowers, or running around in a cape. She just wanted to identify herself with strawberries because she enjoyed eating them the most, and she wanted everyone to know that.

I now know better.

So ‘S for Strawberry’ it is. So simple and so sweet.

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